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Future Development
Most of the deovotees coming for Darshan in temple know that there is only  one way for entering in the temple premises and going out of the temple the same way as the temple is surrounded by sea on all three sides.

Trustees have certain plans of development of the entire Temple Complex for the sake of convenience of the devotees visiting temple for which lot of money is required.
Beautification of temple precinct : including the road approaching to the temple staircase in front side is likely to be carried out in near future. This proposal is still pending with BMC.
Emergency Exit : We had given proposal to the Govt. for considering additional way (exit) i.e. Sky walk for devotees from seashore to B.D Road near Akruti parking Building. This is needed during Navaratra/ Diwali/ Margashirsh etc. or at the time of festivals to avoid any mishap. The devotees can go out of the temple premises in case of rush or / if any emergency occur.

Our future plan is to provide a large platform in the sea area on the rear side of Hanuman temple so that if anything untoward incidence happens in the temple premises, temple authority or Police can take the crowd on the said platform. This proposal is also pending with Govt.
  • Saturday, 02.04.2022
    Gudipadwa/ Chaitra Navaratra
  • Sunday, 10.04.2022
    Shree Ramnavmi/ Chaitra Navaratra
  • Saturday, 16.04.2022
    Pournima, Chaitra
  • Monday, 16.05.2022
    Pournima, Vaishakh
  • Tuesday, 14.06.2022
    Pournima, Jeyshta
  • Wednesday, 13.07.2022
    Guru Pournima, Ashad
  • Thursday, 11.08.2022
    Narli Pournima
  • Saturday, 10.09.2022
    Pournima, Bhadrapad
  • Monday, 26.09.2022
    Ashwin Navaratra 2022 Prarambha/ Ghatstapna
  • Friday, 30.09.2022
    Ashwin Navaratra 2022/ Lalita Panchami
  • Monday, 03.10.2022
    Ashwin Navaratra 2022/ Durgashtami – Havan
  • Wednesday, 05.10.2022
    Ashwin Navaratra 2022 / Vijaydashmi Dasara
  • Sunday, 09.10.2022
    Kojagiri Pournima
  • Saturday, 02.10.2022
    Diwali 2022/ Dhanatrayodashi
  • Monday, 24.10.2022
    Diwali 2022 / Narak Chaturdashi
  • Monday, 24.10.2022
    Diwali 2022 / Laxmi Poojan
  • Wednesday, 26.10.2022
    Diwali 2022 / Balipratipada, Diwali Padwa
  • Wednesday, 26.10.2022
    Diwali 2022 / Bhaubijh
  • Tuesday, 01.11.2022
  • Saturday, 05.11.2022
    Tulsi Vivaha
  • Monday, 07.11.2022
    Tripurari Pournima / (Annakut 2022)
  • Thursday, 24.11.2022
    Dev Diwali
  • Thursday, 24.11.2022
    Margashirsh Month starts
  • Thursday, 01.12.2022
  • Thursday, 08.12.2022
    Pournima, Margashirsh
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