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About Temple

Shree Mahalakshmi Temple is located at the North of the Malbar Hill on Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400 026. The beauty of the temple, its mythological importance, its proximity to the seashore and its Dhwjstambha all combine together to make the place a wonderful tourist attraction, as well.

Situated within the Municipal ’D’ ward, the Mahalakshmi Temple precinct is bound by the sea on the western and northen edges and Bhulabhai Desai Road on the east and south.

This temple is dedicated to the three deities  Shree Mahakali or Durga (Destroyer of Demon), Shree  Mahalakshmi (Goddesses of Wealth) and Shree Mahasaraswati (Goddesses of Learning).

In the month of March/April and September/October i.e.during Chaitra and Ashwin Navaratra , the Sun rays of rising sun fall on the deities for few minutes.

On entering into the temple compound one sees about 10.60 meters high single wooden block covered with silver sheets Dhwajstambh and also Deepmala carved in stone. Then on entering the Sabhamandap one sees  a Lion (covered with silver) fixed in the centre of the Sabhamandap facing the deities. The area of the Sabhamandap facing the deities is approximately 12.10 meters X 9.10 meters. There are 27 apex tops on the Sabhamandap, two wooden idols of Jay-Vijay covered with silver located on two sides of main door of Gabhara.

There are small idols of Shree Ganpati and Vithal - Rukhamini on two sides outside Gabhara or the Sancto Sanatorium. The gabhara is about 11meters X 11 meters.  On entering in the Gabhara devotee first gets darshan of three deities (i.e. Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasarswati and on the top of the simhasana there is Annapurna.). The throne of the deities is beautifully carved and part of it is covered with carved silver sheets. The top i.e Kalash of the temple is about 15 meters in height. On the main gate of Gabhara there is “Shreeyantra” also known as “ Laxmi Yantra”.  The entire ‘SIMHASAN’ in the gabhara is covered with beautifully carved silver sheets with elephants and peacocks on the front side pillars.

  • Monday, 07.08.2017
    Rakshabandhan, Narli Pournima
  • Monday, 14.08.2017
    Shree Krishna Janmashtami
  • Friday, 25.08.2017
    Shree Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Wednesday, 30.08.2017
    Gauri Poojan
  • Thursday, 31.08.2017
    Gauri Visarjan
  • Tuesday, 05.09.2017
    Anant Chaturdashi
  • Wednesday, 06.09.2017
  • Thursday, 21.09.2017
    Ashwin Navaratra 2017 Prarambha Ghatstapna
  • Sunday, 24.09.2017
    Ashwin Navaratra 2017, Lalit Panchami
  • Thursday, 28.09.2017
    Ashwin Navaratra 2017, Durgashtami
  • Saturday, 30.09.2017
    Ashwin Navaratra 2017, Vijaydashmi Dasara
  • Thursday, 05.10.2017
    Kojagiri Pournima
  • Tuesday, 17.10.2017
    Diwali 2017, Dhanatrayodashi
  • Wednesday, 18.10.2017
    Diwali 2017, Narak Chaturdashi
  • Thursday, 19.10.2017
    Diwali 2017, Laxmi Poojan
  • Friday, 20.10.2017
    Diwali 2017, Balipratipada, Diwali Padwa
  • Saturday, 21.10.2017
    Diwali 2017, Bhaubijh
  • Saturday, 28.10.2017
  • Wednesday, 01.11.2017
  • Friday, 03.11.2017
    Tripurari Pournima, (Annakut 2017)
  • Sunday, 19.11.2017
    Dev Diwali
  • Sunday, 19.11.2017
    Margashirsh Month starts
  • Monday, 27.11.2017
  • Sunday, 03.12.2017
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